✓ Check the Math

  • Are there sufficient number of stitches for the pattern repeat?

  • Worked stitches + increased/decreased stitches = produced stitches?

✓ Check for Consistency

  • Are the terms used throughout the pattern consistent?

  • Spelling and punctuation correct?

✓ Check for Concordance

  • Do the written instructions match the chart?

  • Do pattern elements follow the designer's style sheet?

✓ Check Dimensions

  • Do the schematic measurements match those in the pattern?

  • Does the sleeve cap fit the armhole?

✓ Check Sizing

  • Do the measurements conform to the given sizes?

  • Can the measurements be achieved with the given gauge/tension and stitch count?

✓ Check Comprehensibility

  • Are the pattern instructions coherent and logical?

  • Are the instructions understandable?

✓ Check for Completeness

  • Are the abbreviations and notions lists complete?

  • Are special stitches defined?

  • Are all components of the garment included in the pattern?

  • Is the information regarding yarn/needles/hooks complete?




Chart creation for both knitting and crochet

Size grading for both knitted and crocheted garments

Style Sheet development