Standard Operating Procedure

What to do now that the decision has been made to hire a tech editor? How to proceed? What is the process?

  • Using the Contact Form, let me know a little about the pattern you would like tech edited (what it is, what techniques are used, etc.) and the time frame.

    • I will respond by email requesting a pdf copy of the pattern and your style sheet if you have one developed. After giving the pattern a general perusal, I will email you with the estimated cost and turn around time (TAT).

      • TAT: 7 days. Shorter TATs will certainly be considered if needed.

      • Estimated Cost:

        • simple accessories – 1/2 to 1 hour

        • simple garments – 1 to 2 1/2 hours

        • complex garments - > 2 1/2 hours

    • Once I have your approval to go ahead, the tech edit will proceed.

      • I prefer to annotate a pdf document but other document formats can be accommodated.

      • If I have underestimated the cost of the tech edit, I will get in touch with you before proceeding any further, outlining the issues.

    • I will return an annotated pdf copy of the pattern with additional comments in an email.

    • You make the necessary changes to the pattern.

    • Before publication, send the pattern back to me for a final check (included in the cost).

    • An invoice will be issued by email. Please pay using PayPal.